Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seven Again!

We are once again THE SWEENEY SEVEN!!!!!!! I was at my daughter's psychiatrist appointment and my cell phone kept ringing. I kept pushing silent and never paid attention to the "private" number that popped up. Well, "private" number was social services, and they finally got a hold of my husband. He called the psychiatrist's office and told the receptionist that he needed to talk to me. SO, I got off the phone and told the doc that we needed to get her prescriction and go. I told Annie and Landon that we needed to get to daycare and get the little ones and then go get a new sister. Then, I looked at doc again and asked if he had any samples of Lexapro. :-) He did.

Anyway, we have a month old little girl that happens to be the half sister to both Chloe and Luke. More to come later......