Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our family is in a time of transition. We are preparing to send our 11 month old home to her birth family for good this week-end. We have been expecting this and preparing for this, but we are not prepared. My children are struggling to understand why we "can't just adopt her" so she can stay. Chris and I know that we are following God's plan as foster parents. This, however, is a major challenge. We've had this little squirt since she was a whopping 4 pounds when she was discharged from the NICU at three weeks old. She is leaving us a week and a half before her first birthday. She is the most amazing baby. She is always happy, and can brighten a room like no other child has ever done before. Our prayer is for her father. He will be raising her 20 month old brother and her as a single dad. We pray for his support system to be ready when he needs it. We pray that he does not fall into the Prideful trap that so many people fall into. We pray that he will be willing to ask someone for help if he needs it. It is HARD to be a single father. There is no shame in needing a hand. Please pray with us that he understands this.

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