Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Annie's 5th Birthday

Oh, forget it! I tried to give my kids codes instead of using their real names. I can't keep up with the codes, so why should my readers be able to. I'm not going through all these posts to try to edit their names. I'm leaving it as it is. K2 is Annie. I'm leaving the rest of this post as is in order to let my readers know how nutty I really am. HAHA! I apologize to you all for my moment of insanity. Just love me for who I am.

K2's birthday is a few days after Christmas. That timing isn't really good for a Sweeney style birthday party, so we waited until a couple weeks into January. I must admit I LOVE birthday parties. I feel that when you grow up with a thousand (or four) siblings, you deserve a day to call your own. We have big parties! Anyway, K2 decided that she wanted to have a sleepover. My first slumber party was my 5th birthday, so it was fitting that my daughter have her first slumber party at 5, as well. We had a great time.
My neighbor, Amy, helped me with the cake. Isn't it cute. Each head represents one of the guests. The two girls in the middle are my daughters, K2 and K4. :) This may be my favorite cake, yet. It even tasted pretty good.
We had a fashion show. As you can see, we are growing lots of potential runway stars here in KY! Check out the before and after shots.

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Traci Michele said...

cute cake! thanks for visiting Ordinary Inspirations and commenting! Have a great day. Love, Traci