Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cedar Point Vacation

We had a great family vacation last week to Sandusky, Ohio. I can now cross out one item on my bucket list. This was a dream for me, but unfortunately, I didn't get to ride every coaster there. It's OK, it is worth the sacrifice to get to see my children enjoy themselves, too. Landon hit a milestone on this trip. He is finally 48" with shoes which meant that he had a full price ticket. He's not much of a risk taker, but he did ride a couple of big rides. Annie isn't much of a risk taker, either. She likes the small rides. Really, she likes the junk food. Chloe is too little, but she enjoyed the sights and the few rides that she experienced. Now, Luke, he is another story. He loves the rides. He is just barely over 36", so he isn't allowed to ride too much, but he loved what he did ride.

I've tried uploading vacation pictures to this post, but it keeps getting deleted every time I try to publish. I don't really know what is going on, but pictures will have to wait.

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