Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth (really 3rd) of July

Last night we went to the National Corvette Museum for the annual ThunderFest fireworks display. The destination wasn't really a treat because that happens to be the place of employment of the Sweeney dad. However, the event was a lot of fun. I've noticed that my kiddos are starting to develop the "I want and expect" attitude that I have tried not to teach them. We hadn't even made it out of the parking field before I heard, "I want to ride in the balloon, I want to jump, I want to go there, I want a glow stick, I want to go to the bathroom (Annie is FASCINATED with Port-0-Pots), I want ice cream, I want a necklace, I want, I want, I want......
Of course, they didn't get all that. They did get to go to the bathroom, but not in the Port-O-Pots. You see, when your daddy has a key to the museum, you get to go to the real bathroom that smells like clean linen air freshener! Annie was a bit disappointed. In fact, less than five minutes after she returned to our blanket after going to the restroom with her father and little brother, she says to me in true RAD form, "I didn't even get to go to the bathroom!" HA! How I wish that I would have thought about getting a picture of the darn potties!

They did get ice cream and glow necklaces. We simply didn't get there early enough to justify paying $10 a child to jump in the inflatables. I would have paid the $5/person to go in the tethered hot air balloon, but the line was entirely too long. So, the kids were a bit disappointed, but we went to celebrate our freedom and to see fireworks.

Landon has come a long way in the five 4ths that he has celebrated in the USA. He was terrified as an infant. He is still SO sensitive to sound. He enjoyed the fireworks and watched the entire show with awe, but he kept his ears covered through the whole darn thing.
Annie could have cared less. I'm not sure she was even aware that the fireworks were going off. Before the show, she kept telling me that she saw fireworks. She was referring to the glow of the hot air balloon on the other side of the trees. By the time the show began, she wasn't really interested anymore. Since her brothers were focused on the show, she saw an opportunity to take their glow necklaces and connect them all together to make herself a long necklace. I really thought she would have loved the show. I'm still trying to find something that really entices her. This wasn't it.

People asked us if we were worried about Luke and Chloe. They thought they might be afraid. We knew that they were the only two that we didn't need to worry about. Our youngest babies are definitely our risk takers. The music was the biggest hit. Luke like the fireworks. Chloe did hang on to me quite tightly, but she didn't take her eyes off the sky. She grinned all night long, and slept pretty darn good when she got home. I can't ask for more than that!

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