Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Landon's End-of-Season Baseball Party

We were in Sandusky, Ohio until Friday morning. Landon had to be back in Bowling Green by 6:00 for the Hot Rods game. His coach had arranged for the players to get to go on the field to their positions during the National Anthem. HOW COOL!

Well, we made it to our driveway about 5:45. We ran inside to give Chloe a quick bath and change the kids' clothes. Then, we loaded back in the van and went to the stadium. The boys had a few photo-ops on the big ball field while they watched the Hot Rods stretch. They also enjoyed goofing off with Axle, the mascot.When it was time for the boys to run out on the field, Landon got tripped. oops. He fell flat on his face. Bless his heart, he tried to go on out there, but he felt blood running down his face. He ran to me, instead. (I happened to be on the field with my camera.) I didn't really know what to do. I had nothing on me, except my camera. It was either my shirt or his. I decided my shirt would be better. Luckily, the trainer spotted us before I got too bloody. He took us into the visiting teams dugout and got Landon cleaned up. He missed the National Anthem. You know, the reason we had a time schedule for getting back into town. I was crying in the dugout because I was so sad for Landon. The trainer was very nice, though. After the National Anthem, he took us to the Hot Rods dugout. Landon had his picture taken with one of the players and an autographed baseball. He then took us to the gift shop, and I got to pick out a new Hot Rods shirt for myself.

So far, we're two for two on the Hot Rods game being more difficult than expected. Third time is supposed to be the charm. We'll find out next time.

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