Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here are some picture from our days at the pool:

Annie is so unpredictable at the pool. One minute, she won't leave my side and is scared of the splashing water, the next minute she's jumping in with a group. I'm proud of her, though. She did teach herself how to swim. Not bad for a four-year old!

Landon is enjoying a banana split. I have made a deal with my kids that they will each get one when they can swim the length of the pool! Way to go, Landon!

Luke has also learned to swim under water after only 3 swimming lessons. That is a bragging right! I have a two-year old swimmer. I am proud, but I must admit, this kid is a handful. When he starts to show his mean, aggressive side at the pool, I encourage him to get his baby. I started taking the doll to the pool for Annie and Chloe, but Luke won't let them touch it! If anyone gets near, he says, "Go away. My baby is sleeping. She not feel good." He has also taught the baby how to swim, blow bubbles, and float. He can be so stinkin' sweet, and then turn around and be so mean.

Finally, this is my biggest bragging moment of the week! Chloe loves the water. She HATES her baby float. She wants me to hold her and then she pushes away. Today I went ahead and tried the wings on my 13 Month Old daughter. She took off. CRAZY!! It sure does make it fun to go to the pool when your kids love to swim!

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